Updown Apiaries is a family run enterprise. Sited around Margate, we are a seasonal seaside honey producer.

Our ethic, is to create a sustainable bee apiary, by using our bees to make more bees.

Our beekeepers' work value is to produce and sell 100% raw products to Margate, Ramsgate and the Broadstairs communities. These include:

100% Fresh flower pollen

100% Comb Honey - extracted directly from the hive

100% Local Raw Jarred Honey


Small amounts - but not all, is brushed off the bees legs. Later, this is collected from a special tray directly inserted under the hive.

Jarred Raw Honey

Spun directly from the comb and immediately sealed in jars to ensure the best quality.

Comb Honey

Produced and extracted straight out of the hive. Untouched by human hands, they are packaged, sealed and ready to eat - perfect on toast.